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An abdominoplasty (aka a Tummy Tuck) is a surgical procedure in which a plastic surgeon can tighten the abdominal muscles while removing excess fat and skin. Following an abdominoplasty at Baumholtz Plastic Surgery in Shavano Park, Texas, near San Antonio, patients enjoy a flatter, firmer and more appealing abdominal area as well as a slimmer waist. Dr. Michael Baumholtz (Dr. B) is a highly experienced, board-certified plastic surgeon who performs abdominoplasty procedures for men and women in the San Antonio area on a regular basis.

What Is the Difference Between a Liposuction Procedure and a Tummy Tuck?

During a liposuction procedure on the abdomen, Dr. B focuses on removing excess fat. However, if he only removes the fat and does not address excess skin, the patient’s stomach may be flabbier after surgery than it was before. This flabbiness occurs because the layer of fat was actually providing volume for the skin on the abdomen.

However, while performing a Full Tummy Tuck, Dr. Michael Baumholtz can remove abdominal fat, excess skin and correct diastasis recti.

What Is Diastasis Recti?

Pregnancy and excessive weight gain in the abdominal area increases the amount of pressure that is placed on the muscles there. This additional pressure can cause the abdominal muscles to separate. The term used when referring to this condition is diastasis recti.

Symptoms Associated With Diastasis Recti

Once the abdominal muscles separate, an individual may experience back pain and urinary incontinence. During a Tummy Tuck near San Antonio, Dr. B corrects diastasis recti by bringing the muscles back together and securing them in place.

What Happens During a Tummy Tuck (Abdominoplasty) Procedure in San Antonio?

Using liposuction, Dr. B contours the patient’s abdominal area, he brings the abdominal muscles together and tightens them before he removes the loose, sagging excess skin on the lower abdomen.

What Are the Benefits of a Tummy Tuck in San Antonio?

With a Tummy Tuck, Dr. Baumholtz creates his patients’ a slimmer, firmer and flatter abdomen. Following recovery, most of Dr. B’s abdominoplasty patients state that they experience a significant improvement in their self-confidence level.

Other potential benefits of an Tummy Tuck (Abdominoplasty) include:

Stronger Muscles in the Abdominal Region

During pregnancy, extra pressure can cause the mother’s abdominal muscles to weaken and separate. Dr. Baumholtz resolves these problems by placing internal sutures within the muscle wall. Using these sutures, Dr. B brings the separated muscles together and tightens them. After surgery, the patient’s abdominal area is usually tighter and flatter. By strengthening these muscles, the patient’s posture may improve, any lower back pain and urinary incontinence resulting from the weakened, separated abdominal muscles should diminish.

A Reduction in the Patient’s Risk of Developing Certain Medical Conditions

Individuals who have excess fat and skin in the abdominal region are more likely to develop diabetes, cardiovascular disease, obstructive sleep apnea and gallstones.

Preventing the Development of an Abdominal Hernia

Tightening the abdominal muscles reduces the amount of stress that is being placed on them. By reducing this stress, the likelihood of the patient developing a hernia decreases.

Eliminating Bladder Leakage Resulting From Weakened Abdominal Muscles

Following pregnancy, many women leak urine when they sneeze, laugh or cough. Once Dr. B strengthens their abdominal muscles, these incontinence issues no longer exist.

Does a Tummy Tuck Remove Stretch Marks?

If stretch marks are present on the excess skin that Dr. B removes beneath the patient’s navel, once he removes this skin, the patient will no longer have these stretch marks either.

Does a Tummy Tuck (Abdominoplasty) Include Liposuction?

Many times, Dr. Baumholtz incorporates liposuction into his patients’ Tummy Tuck procedures to improve the contours of their lower abdomen. Since an abdominoplasty is not a procedure designed to address excess weight, the amount of fat Dr. B removes is limited.

Who Should Consider Having a Tummy Tuck in San Antonio?

Abdominoplasty procedures are ideal for healthy men and women who have loose, overstretched skin in their abdominal area.

An Ideal Abdominoplasty Candidate

Relatively slim individuals, as well as those in good shape who have maintained a stable weight for at least 12 months, may be ideal candidates for an abdominoplasty near San Antonio.

Who May Not Be a Good Candidate for a Tummy Tuck (Abdominoplasty)?

There are several factors that could disqualify someone from being a good candidate for an abdominoplasty.

These factors include:

  • A woman considering a future pregnancy.
  • An individual who plans to lose a substantial amount of weight.
  • Someone who smokes or uses other products that contain nicotine.
  • Individuals with a chronic condition (e.g., heart disease).
  • Men and women with a body mass index (BMI) greater than 30.
  • An individual who previously had abdominal surgery and developed a considerable amount of scar tissue.

Why Should Women Complete Their Families Before Having a Tummy Tuck?

If a woman plans to become pregnant at some point in her future, she should wait until she completes her family to have a San Antonio abdominoplasty. Dr. Michael Baumholtz recommends that these women postpone their abdominoplasty because once they become pregnant, the issues he addresses during their abdominoplasty will most likely recur.

Can a Woman Have an Abdominoplasty Following a Cesarean Section (aka C-section)?

As long as the woman’s previous abdominal surgery does not result in her developing an excessive amount of scar tissue, she may still be a viable candidate for an abdominoplasty.

There Are Three Tummy Tuck Methods Available at Baumholtz Plastic Surgery

Dr. B performs mini abdominoplasty, Fleur-De-Lis abdominoplasty and full abdominoplasty procedures. During the patient’s initial consultation, he determines which of these methods will serve the patient better.

The Mini Tummy Tuck (aka Mini Abdominoplasty)

Although many people think an abdominoplasty can only benefit individuals who have an excessive amount of loose, sagging abdominal skin, this is not the case. Even men and women who are in good shape, but have excess fat on their lower abdomen (i.e., a pooch), can benefit from a mini abdominoplasty. When an individual only needs a slight tightening of the lower abdominal area, Dr. B performs a mini abdominoplasty.

The mini abdominoplasty is ideal for individuals with loose abdominal muscles that are just slightly stretched. These individuals must also have decent skin elasticity.

The Fleur-De-Lis Abdominoplasty (aka, FDL Abdominoplasty, FDL Tummy Tuck)

While performing the FDL abdominoplasty, Dr. B creates a horizontal and a vertical incision. Adding the vertical incision allows Dr. Baumholtz to address issues within the entire abdominal area. The procedure takes a little longer, but the recovery process is nearly identical.

A Full Tummy Tuck (aka a Traditional Abdominoplasty, Traditional Tummy Tuck, Full Abdominoplasty)

During the full abdominoplasty procedure, Dr. B uses liposuction to contour the patient’s abdominal area, he corrects diastasis recti and removes a moderate amount of excess skin from the lower abdomen.

The Tummy Tuck (Abdominoplasty) Is Typically an Outpatient Procedure

The majority of Dr. Baumholtz’s abdominoplasty patients return home after their procedure. Nonetheless, there are times when he recommends an overnight stay. Whether Dr. B discharges the patient on the day of surgery, or on the day after, the patient needs a driver. In addition, patients returning home directly after their abdominoplasty must have someone remain with them overnight.

A Personalized Tummy Tuck (Abdominoplasty) Procedures in San Antonio

Every patient is unique, which is why Dr. Baumholtz takes the time to create all of his patients their own customized abdominoplasty plan.

What to Expect During a Mini, Traditional or Fleur-De-Lis Abdominoplasty Near San Antonio

Dr. Michael Baumholtz performs his patients’ Tummy Tucks at a nearby surgical center or hospital.

Upon arriving at the facility with his or her personal driver, a team member escorts the patient to the pre-surgical area. A nurse takes the patient’s vital signs, and then the patient meets with Dr. B. During this meeting, Dr. Baumholtz reviews the patient’s surgical procedure and discusses what he or she should expect directly after surgery and during recovery. In addition, Dr. Baumholtz answers any questions the patient has.

Dr. Baumholtz asks the patient to stand up. Using a surgical marker, he creates a variety of markings on the patient’s abdominal area. These markings signify where he plans to create incisions and which areas he will treat using liposuction. Once Dr. B is done, an anesthesiologist administers medication to ensure the patient remains comfortable throughout the abdominoplasty procedure.

The Liposuction Procedure as Part of a Tummy Tuck in San Antonio

Once the patient is asleep, Dr. B injects tumescent fluid into his or her abdomen. This fluid helps loosen the fat, it also reduces the likelihood of excess bleeding and numbs the abdominal area. After injecting the tumescent fluid, he makes an incision directly above the pubic area. The length of the incision depends on which abdominoplasty the patient is receiving (i.e., a mini or a full). By placing the incision directly above the pubic area, which is even lower than the incision created during a C-section, the resulting scar remains well-hidden beneath the patient’s clothing, undergarments and swimwear. If the patient has a C-section scar, Dr. Baumholtz can also place her incision within this scar.

Removing Excess Fat

Dr. B uses a thin, hollow tube that is connected to a liposuction machine to pull out the excess fat.

The Mini Tummy Tuck

The incision Dr. Baumholtz creates along the lower abdomen just above the pelvic area for a mini Tummy Tuck is much shorter than the one he creates during a full abdominoplasty. In addition, the mini method does not require that Dr. Michael Baumholtz modify, or affect the patient’s navel in any way.

If necessary, Dr. Baumholtz uses liposuction to remove any excess fat before he excises the loose abdominal skin and pulls the remaining skin together, tightening it with sutures.

During a mini abdominoplasty, Dr. B can greatly improve the abdominal area, making it appear more tone, tighter and flatter than it did before.

The Traditional Tummy Tuck

Dr. Baumholtz places the incision he creates during a traditional abdominoplasty directly above the pelvic area; this incision extends from hip to hip. Creating a longer incision allows Dr. B to remove more skin than is possible with the shorter incision he uses during the mini abdominoplasty.

When a patient has diastasis recti, Dr. Michael Baumholtz resolves this issue by pulling the overstretched and separated abdominal muscles together. He then repairs the muscles by suturing together the areas that are separated and weakened.

Dr. B can perform liposuction to remove underlying fat that has been unresponsive to the patient’s diet and exercise routine.

Following fat removal, Dr. Baumholtz trims away the excess skin and repositions the remaining skin over the patient’s abdominal area.

The Fleur-De-Lis Abdominoplasty

The FDL abdominoplasty includes the same horizontal incision as seen with the full abdominoplasty, as well as a vertical incision down the center of the abdomen. Using these two incisions allows Dr. B to address excess abdominal skin throughout the entire abdominal region. He can also address diastasis recti while using this abdominoplasty method.

The Patient May Receive a Designer Belly Button

If necessary, Dr. B creates another incision. This incision encircles the navel and creates an opening for the patient’s customized navel. Using this incision, Dr. Baumholtz repositions the patient’s navel so that it still looks natural after he repositions the abdominal skin.

Incision Closure

Dr. B closes the incisions using internal staples and external sutures.

Placing the Drains

Following an abdominoplasty, Dr. Michael Baumholtz strategically inserts clear plastic tubes, which serve as drains, into the surgical area. Drains ensure that excess blood and fluid can exit the body, which reduces the amount of pressure that is placed on the patient’s incision.

The Recovery Area

Before the patient heads home, he or she is moved to the recovery area. While here, the patient gradually awakens.

Before releasing the patient to his or her driver, the patient receives information about caring for the surgical incisions, when to return for a follow-up visit, as well as restrictions. Additionally, patients receive a prescription for pain medication, or a recommendation as to which over-the-counter medication they should use to relieve their discomfort during recovery.

Heading Home

Since a Tummy Tuck in San Antonio is an outpatient procedure, most patients return home after they spend time in recovery. Nonetheless, some patients do remain overnight. Regardless as to when Dr. B releases a patient to return home (i.e., directly after recovery or the following day), the patient needs to have a driver. Individuals who receive anesthesia need to refrain from driving for at least 24 hours following the time of administration.

Patients who return home after recovery need someone to remain with them overnight. This individual must be able to assist the patient while he or she walks, as well as with getting dressed/undressed and using the washroom.

Patients have to rest for the initial 48 hours after their surgery. Then, the patient has to become more active by walking around to increase the circulation in his or her lower extremities. Since the patient had a Tummy Tuck, he or she will have difficulty standing upright, forcing this issue could lead to a complication, therefore, please refrain from attempting to stand up straight.

What Makes Walking Around After Surgery So Important?

Following the use of anesthesia, blood clot formation is possible. Walking around as directed after surgery increases the amount of blood moving through the lower extremities, which reduces the likelihood of the patient experiencing this complication.

What To Expect While Recovering From an Abdominoplasty

Patients need to ask someone they trust to remain with them for 2 or 3 weeks following their Tummy Tuck in San Antonio. Having someone there to assist with household chores and cooking is vital because placing added pressure on the abdomen could lead to a complication.

To reduce the likelihood of developing a blood clot, patients must walk around every day. However, patients must refrain from lifting heavy objects and avoid participating in strenuous activities for several months after their abdominoplasty. During this time, patients must not lift anything that weighs more than 15 pounds (6.8 kg). Furthermore, patients have to avoid movements that place strain on the abdominal area (e.g., bending quickly at the waist).

Adhering to these restrictions is vital because actions such as these could cause the incision to reopen.

Removing the Drains and Stitches

At some point between 7 and 21 days after surgery, Dr. B removes the drains and stitches. At this time, the patient receives a compression binder (aka compression garment) to wear. This garment helps shape the patient’s body, which is why wearing it as directed is vital to ensuring the best outcome possible.

Most of the Patient’s Discomfort Resolves Within 14 Days

Although most of the discomfort a patient experiences following an abdominoplasty resolves within about two weeks of surgery, he or she should expect to have inflammation for at least a month, sometimes longer. To reduce the amount of swelling the patient experiences, he or she needs to wear the compression garment as directed.

Returning To Work or School

As long as the patient has a sedentary position, a position that does not require the lifting of heavy objects or participating in strenuous activities, he or she usually returns to work or school about 14 days after surgery. The activity restrictions listed here remain in place for several months.

Tummy Tuck (Abdominoplasty) Results

Once their swelling subsides, patients begin to notice how their Tummy Tuck procedure has improved their abdominal area.

The results of an abdominoplasty last for a very long time. Although the skin in the abdominal area begins to sag with age, the impact on the abdominal area of someone who has a Tummy Tuck is minimal.

Is There Anything That Could Negatively Affect Abdominoplasty Results?

Yes, a woman who becomes pregnant after an abdominoplasty can expect her skin to stretch out again. Also, if an individual gains a substantial amount of weight, his or her results may be negatively affected.

Scarring After a Tummy Tuck Near San Antonio

Scar development from the incisions created during a mini and full abdominoplasty are unavoidable. Nevertheless, Dr. Michael Baumholtz takes great care to place the incisions where they will be hidden by the patient’s undergarments or swimwear.

Are There Other Procedures That Can Be Performed During a Tummy Tuck?

Yes, Dr. Baumholtz’s abdominoplasty patients often ask about having several procedures during the same surgical session. Additional procedure requests frequently include a mastopexy (aka breast lift) and, breast implants for women, gynecomastia surgery for men, as well as fat removal with contouring via liposuction for both men and women.

A Consultation for a Tummy Tuck (Abdominoplasty) at Baumholtz Plastic Surgery in San Antonio

Scheduling a consultation at Baumholtz Plastic Surgery is the first step in the path towards attaining a flatter, more tone and slimmer abdominal area. During this consultation, Dr. B wants to know what the patient would like him to address during his or her abdominoplasty. In addition, patients must provide him with a detailed account of their medical history.

The information that patients need to provide includes:

  • Whether they have allergies to medications.
  • Their current prescription and non-prescription medications.
  • If they have an allergy to products made using latex.
  • Their current use of vitamins and herbal supplements.
  • Any previous surgical procedures, including elective ones.
  • If they have any chronic conditions or diseases (e.g., hypertension, diabetes).
  • General information related to their family’s medical history.
  • Whether they use products that contain nicotine, participate in recreational drug use or consume alcohol regularly. Answering each question honestly is vital to ensuring the patient’s safety during and after surgery. Furthermore, keep in mind that all the information patients provide is confidential.

After reviewing the patient’s information, Dr. Michael Baumholtz asks the patient what he or she would like to accomplish. Patients need to be candid with Dr. B because the only way that he can provide the patient with the results that he or she desires is by understanding what results the patient is looking for.

The Physical Examination

After discussing various procedures, Dr. Baumholtz examines and measures the areas of the body that the patient would like him to address. If the patient decides to move forward with surgery, one of Dr. B’s team members may take pre-surgical photos. These photos are a great reference for Dr. Michael Baumholtz as he creates the patient’s surgical procedure. In addition, these photos allow Dr. B and the patient to compare the differences in the patient’s body following recovery.

At Baumholtz Plastic Surgery, safety is always top priority; therefore, some patients may need to have pre-operative testing done (e.g., blood work) or attain medical clearance from their treating physician before they can move forward with surgery.

How To Prepare for a Tummy Tuck in San Antonio

To ensure the patient’s results are optimal, it is vital that he or she follows the recommendations listed below.

Patients Need To Stop Using Certain Medications, Vitamins and Herbs

Some herbs, vitamins and medications can cause a patient to experience bleeding complications during surgery. For this reason, patients must stop using certain products (e.g., blood thinners, NSAIDs, vitamin E, Ginger) for 7 to 14 days before their surgery, and possibly for some time thereafter.

Discontinue Using Products That Contain Nicotine

For at least 6 weeks before and 6 weeks after their abdominoplasty, patients need to stop using products that contain nicotine.

Find a Caregiver and a Driver

On the day of surgery, patients need someone to drive them to and from the surgical facility or hospital. Public transportation and for-hire services are not appropriate modes of transportation following any surgical procedure.

Patients also need to ask someone they trust and feel completely comfortable with to remain with them for several weeks following their abdominoplasty.

Find a Sitter for Pets

Patients who have a pet that weighs more than 15 pounds (6.8 kg), tends to jump up on them or climb into their lap need to ask someone to care for these precious family members at his or her home for the first few weeks of recovery.

Be Close To Their Ideal Weight

Patients need to be close to their ideal weight before their Tummy Tuck near San Antonio because if they lose weight after their procedure, the results Dr. Baumholtz achieves during their abdominoplasty may diminish.

If a patient has a high body mass index (BMI), he or she may need to lose some weight before scheduling an abdominoplasty near San Antonio.

Risks and Potential Complications Associated With an Abdominoplasty

As with all procedures, patients need to take the risks and possible complications into account before they decide to have any elective procedure.

Potential complications associated with a Tummy Tuck:

  • Poor healing.
  • Infection or necrosis (i.e., dead tissue).
  • Changes in skin sensitivity.
  • Fluid accumulation under the skin (i.e., a seroma).
  • Tissue damage.
  • Unexpected scarring.
  • Excess bleeding.
  • A negative reaction to the general anesthesia or the products the surgeon uses during surgery.

How Much Will an Abdominoplasty in San Antonio Cost?

The price of an individual’s Tummy Tuck depends on whether he or she is having a full, a mini or a Fleur-De-Lis abdominoplasty. Furthermore, since Dr. B creates each of his patients a personalized treatment plan, the only way he can determine a price for treatment is with an examination. Since an abdominoplasty is an elective surgical procedure, it is not covered by insurance. However, the staff at Baumholtz Plastic Surgery assists patients with finding financing and payment plans they can afford.

Why Do People Choose Dr. Michael Baumholtz To Perform Their Abdominoplasty Procedures in San Antonio?

Dr. Baumholtz has the experience, artistic vision and skill to provide each patient with the abdominal characteristics he or she desires.

If you are in the San Antonio area, and you have been contemplating whether to have a Tummy Tuck, contact Dr. B’s office today at (210) 880-3708 to schedule an initial consultation. During this appointment, Dr. Michael Baumholtz can determine if you could benefit from a mini or a full abdominoplasty. Baumholtz Plastic Surgery’s address is 4083 De Zavala Road, Shavano Park, Texas.





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