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Bringing a new life into the world is, without a doubt, an amazing experience. Nonetheless, after childbirth, many mothers want to address the body changes resulting from pregnancy, the birthing process and breastfeeding. These women may be good candidates for a combination of plastic surgery procedures to address issues related to the abdomen and the breasts. Since the body issues that plastic surgeons address for these women are the result of changes that occur during pregnancy, childbirth and while breastfeeding, this combination of procedures is lovingly referred to as a mommy makeover. At Baumholtz Plastic Surgery (BPS) in Shavano Park, Texas, near San Antonio, Dr. Michael Baumholtz (Dr. B) performs mommy makeovers. The procedures a patient receives depend on what she would like to accomplish.

How Soon After Giving Birth Can a Mother Have Her San Antonio Mommy Makeover?

A mother can generally begin planning her makeover about 3 to 6 months after she weans her baby. This 3 to 6-month waiting period is crucial because before a patient receives any type of breast surgery, her breasts need to return to their pre-pregnancy size. In addition, the patient’s weight must be stable and as close to her goal weight as possible.

Dr. B also wants to ensure that the mother has enough physical strength for the recovery phase of her mommy makeover procedures. Once the doctor decides that the mother is a good candidate for the procedures that she desires, for the sake of convenience, Dr. Baumholtz usually lets the mother choose her surgical dates.

What Happens When a Mother Is Not Medically Ready for a Mommy Makeover Near San Antonio?

If Dr. B feels that a mother is not yet medically ready to have her mommy makeover, he may ask the patient to reach certain goals before considering surgery. At BPS, near San Antonio, patient safety is the number one concern, Dr. Baumholtz, his medical staff and every other team member live by this philosophy. Therefore, if a patient is not ready and does not have the ambition to make the changes that are necessary to become a better surgical candidate, Dr. Michael Baumholtz will not perform her mommy makeover procedures.

A Mommy Makeover Is Not Just for Mommies

Although Dr. B frequently performs mommy makeover procedures for women who have children, he often performs the same procedures for anyone who had gained, and has now lost, a substantial amount of weight.

Each Patient Chooses Mommy Makeover Procedures To Fulfill Her Aesthetic Desires

The procedures in a mommy makeover depend on the issues the patient would like Dr. Michael Baumholtz to address. Nonetheless, a mommy makeover typically includes an abdominal procedure, a breast procedure and liposuction.

What Other Areas of the Body Can Dr. Baumholtz Improve During a San Antonio Mommy Makeover?

Other areas of the body that Dr. B can address during the patient’s surgery include the thighs, arms, back and vaginal region.

Common Mommy Makeover Procedures With the Average Expectations for Recovery and Results

Since a mommy makeover consists of several procedures, when determining the length of her recovery time, the patient must use the longest recovery timeframe for the procedures she is having.

What Issues Affect a Patient’s Recovery Time?

The length of time it takes a patient to heal varies. Some people inherit the ability to heal faster; however, there are other factors that affect the healing process. These factors include the patient’s overall health, as well as her diet and exercise routine.

Uncontrolled Diabetes and a High Body-Mass Index (BMI)

Diabetes affects healing because continuous high glucose levels cause the individual’s circulation to slow and hinders the ability of the white blood cells (WBCs) to function. The WBCs are an essential part of the immune system because they fight off infection and help wounds close. Patients who have an appropriate body-mass index and those who have well controlled diabetes usually heal quicker. Faster healing reduces the patient’s risk of developing an infection.

Nicotine Use

Using products that contain nicotine negatively impacts the healing process. This slowed healing occurs because nicotine is a vasoconstrictor, which means it causes the blood vessels to contract. These contractions slow blood circulation throughout the body. Slower circulation means that it takes longer for the surgical incisions to receive the components they need to heal.

A Mommy Makeover at Baumholtz Plastic Surgery Near San Antonio: Potential Procedures

Dr. B’s goal during a mommy makeover is to help the mother regain some of her pre-pregnancy body characteristics. To ensure that each patient receives the highest quality of care and surgical procedures that cater to her specific desires, Dr. B creates personalized surgical treatment plans.

A Breast Augmentation Using Breast Implants

During an augmentation mammoplasty (aka breast augmentation) Dr. Michael Baumholtz uses a breast implant to increase the size of the patient’s breasts.

Implant Options Are Based on Age

The Federal Drug Administration (FDA) approves the use of saline breast implants for patients who are younger than 23. Anyone who is above the age of 23 can choose to have silicone or saline implants. Although both of these implant options can provide a patient with the larger breasts she desires, there are some differences between the two.

The Differences Between Silicone and Saline Breast Implants

Since the shell of a saline implant arrives empty, it allows Dr. B to modify its size as he adds the sterile saline solution during surgery. The silicone implant arrives pre-filled; therefore, if the patient decides that she would like to modify the size of her implant, this cannot be done during surgery. Instead, Dr. Baumholtz must order another silicone implant.

Saline implants tend to ripple more than silicone implants do.

Due to concerns related to a rare form of cancer and textured implants, Dr. Baumholtz only uses smooth breast implants.

A Breast Augmentation During a Mommy Makeover: Procedure Overview

Implant placement can be above the pectoral muscle or beneath the pectoral muscle. Dr. Michael Baumholtz usually recommends that his patients place their implant beneath the pectoral muscle because this placement decreases, but does not eliminate, the likelihood of the patient developing capsular contracture.

Incision location can vary; however, Dr. B frequently recommends using the inframammary fold, which is the crease that is located underneath the breast. Using this incision location for implant placement provides an optimal incision location for any future procedures relating to breast implants, thus, reducing the likelihood of additional scarring on the breast.

Recovering From a Breast Augmentation

Typically, the patient’s incisions heal within 2 weeks of surgery. Patients should expect to refrain from full activity for about 6 weeks.

Initially, the patient’s breasts appear fuller and the implants sit higher on her chest, however, during recovery, the implant is moving to its final position (i.e., dropping and fluffing). Dr. B recommends that patients hold off on purchasing bathing suits and braziers until the dropping and fluffing process is complete. This process takes at least 6 weeks, but can take longer.

Once the implants have dropped and fluffed, Dr. Baumholtz recommends that his patients have their breasts professionally measured at their favorite store (e.g., Victoria’s Secret or some other lingerie specialty store).

The BAUMHOLTZ-ISMS: Dr. B uses this term when he makes recommendations based on his personal beliefs or his years of experience performing plastic surgery and non-surgical cosmetic procedures. When it comes to implants, there is no standardization in relation to cup size. For example, the size of a B cup from one brand may not be the same as a B cup from another. Due to these variances in measurement, Dr. Baumholtz cannot promise or predict a patient’s post-surgical cup size.

Determining Breast Implant Volume

A breast implant’s volume is determined using the equation below:

The width of the breast’s base x the projection of the implant from the patient’s body = the implant’s volume (expressed in cubic centimeters [cc’s]).

Implants can be flat and short or tall and narrow. Dr. Michael Baumholtz bases his analysis of saline implants on the visual appearance of the patient’s breasts following placement. The visual characteristics are much more important to him than the number of cc’s it takes for him to attain the look the patient desires.

A Mastopexy (aka Breast Lift) as Part of a Mommy Makeover Near San Antonio

Mothers whose nipple-areola complexes fall beneath their inframammary folds may want to consider adding a mastopexy to their list of procedures. Although some believe that a large breast implant can lift the breast, Dr. B’s experience finds that this method only leads to larger breasts that sag more than they did before surgery, resulting in an unhappy patient. Therefore, he recommends that women who have pendulous breasts add a lift to their mommy makeovers.

A Mastopexy: Procedure Overview

During this 2 to 3 hour outpatient procedure, Dr. Baumholtz creates an incision that encircles the nipple-areola complex, another incision down the center of the breast and then along the inframammary crease. If the patient wants to increase the size of her breasts, Dr. B can use the incision he creates at the inframammary crease to add an implant at this time.

Recovering From a Breast Lift Near San Antonio

Incisions usually take about 2 weeks to heal. At around the 6-week mark, patients are slowly cleared to return to their full activity level. Breast lift patients should refrain from shopping for bathing suits and braziers until they complete the full 6 weeks of recovery.

A Breast Augmentation With a Lift

This combination outpatient procedure increases the size of the breasts and reduces sagging. An augmentation with a lift takes from 2 to 3 hours to complete.

Patients return home after their surgery to begin their 6-week recovery process.

Patients who have a sedentary position at work can typically return about a week after their augmentation with a lift.

Traditionally, the breast augmentation and the breast lift were two separate procedures. However, as long as the surgeon considers the blood supply to the nipple, they can be performed during the same surgical session. To provide his patients with optimal results, Dr. B always considers the effect that the size of an implant will have on the nipple’s blood supply.

A Liposuction Procedure

During a liposuction procedure, Dr. Baumholtz uses cannulas, which are small metal tubes, and a special vacuum to remove fat from beneath the skin. Dr. B uses liposuction to contour specific areas of the patient’s body. The liposuction procedure reduces the fat layer beneath the skin; however, after removing the fat, the skin may begin to sag. Dr. Michael Baumholtz addresses this issue by removing excess skin and then tightening the skin that remains.

Recovery Following a Liposuction Procedure Near San Antonio

Although the incisions that Dr. Baumholtz creates are very small, liposuction patients should expect to feel sore as they recover. This soreness results from the movement of the cannula during the liposuction procedure.

If he provides the patient with a drain after her liposuction procedure, Dr. B does not apply her compression garment at this time. However, once he removes the drain, the patient receives her compression garment.

The patient must wear her compression garment for about 6 weeks. Following the instructions related to wearing this garment is vital because this compression garment helps to contour the areas Dr. Baumholtz addresses during the liposuction procedure.

Following their liposuction procedure, Dr. B suggests that his patients take some time to heal because going back to their full activity level too soon can cause inflammation to continue for a longer period.

About 12 weeks after their liposuction procedure, patients will see their final results.

An Abdominoplasty (aka Tummy Tuck)

Most of the people who have lost a substantial amount of weight, as well as women who have experienced pregnancy and childbirth, can benefit from a tummy tuck. In addition, individuals who have separated rectus abdominis muscles should consider having an abdominoplasty because once these muscles separate, the abdominal area becomes weak. These weakened abdominal muscles cannot provide the back with the support it needs, which frequently leads to pain in the lower back.

An individual’s need for an abdominoplasty can be determined by the extent of his or her:

  • Excess fat.
  • Excess skin.
  • Abdominal muscle weakness.
  • Abdominal muscle separation (i.e., diastasis recti abdominis, aka diastasis recti).

Following pregnancy, most women have a combination of the issues listed above. To ensure he addresses a particular patient’s problem areas, Dr. B creates custom-designed surgical plans.

Generally, an abdominoplasty consists of:

  • Fat removal via liposuction.
  • Tightening of the abdominal muscles.
  • Excess skin removal.

An abdominoplasty is an outpatient procedure that takes from 2 to 3 hours to complete. After their tummy tuck, to reduce inflammation, patients receive drains. These drains remain in place for 2 to 3 weeks.

Once Dr. B removes the drains, the patient receives a compression garment. This garment must be worn for at least 6 weeks.

Patients need to walk around on the evening of their surgery; however, they must refrain from pushing, pulling or lifting anything heavier than 10 to 15 lbs. for at least 12 weeks after their surgery.

Upon reaching the 3-month mark, patients gradually return to their normal activity level.

A Fleur-De-Lis Abdominoplasty (aka FDL Tummy Tuck, FDL Abdominoplasty) as Part of a Mommy Makeover Near San Antonio

When Dr. Baumholtz performs an FDL tummy tuck, he creates two incisions. The horizontal incision that he uses during a standard abdominoplasty, as well as a vertical incision in the center of the abdomen.

Using these two incisions, Dr. B addresses the patient’s entire abdominal area. Although an FDL abdominoplasty takes slightly longer than the standard tummy tuck procedure to perform, healing and recovery are usually very similar.

A Labiaplasty Near San Antonio

Some women are dissatisfied with the appearance of their labia majora or labia minora. These women may be good candidates for a labiaplasty. In-office labiaplasty procedures are ideal for women who feel self-conscious about the size or shape of their labia minora and the volume of their labia majora.

During a labiaplasty, Dr. Baumholtz addresses:

  • Size irregularities of the labia minora by balancing these structures.
  • Labia majora that are too full by removing the excess tissue.
  • Labia majora that are too thin with a fat grafting procedure.

To achieve optimal results, Dr. B usually performs these procedures at different times.

A Clitoral Hood Reduction

A patient who has excess skin on her clitoral hood may experience problems with sexual gratification. Dr. B can solve this problem with a clitoral hood reduction.

A Body Lift as Part of a Mommy Makeover Near San Antonio

A body lift is essentially a tummy tuck that wraps all the way around the body. With this one procedure, Dr. Baumholtz addresses the excess skin in the abdomen, a sagging set of buttocks and saddlebags.

While performing a body lift, if the patient has a substantial amount of excess skin, Dr. B may need to create a vertical incision to address this issue.

During a body lift, Dr. Baumholtz removes a section of skin that wraps around the abdomen, the waist and the lower back.

After he completes the patient’s body lift, Dr. B strategically positions several drains. These drains provide a way for excess fluid and blood to exit the body, which reduces the amount of inflammation the patient experiences. These drains usually remain in place for 2 to 3 weeks.

Upon drain removal, patients receive a compression garment to wear for the next 6 weeks.

The majority of body lift patients can return to their normal routines once they reach the 12-week mark.

A body lift takes from 5 to 6 hours and, to ensure patient safety and comfort, Dr.Michael Baumholtz has his body lift patients remain in the hospital overnight, sometimes longer. By remaining in the hospital on the night of surgery, medical personnel can help the patient walk around.

A body lift is frequently transformational for individuals who are struggling with excess skin following substantial weight loss or pregnancy.

A Medial Thigh Lift

If excess skin is present on the inner thigh area, surgical intervention is typically the only way to address this problem.

When it comes to a plastic surgery procedure to address issues affecting the thigh, the key to patient satisfaction is providing the patient with reasonable expectations as to what Dr. B can accomplish during surgery.

Issues that influence the results of a thigh procedure include the absence or presence of cellulite, as well as how the patient’s skin attaches to its underlying structures.

Surgical options to address thigh issues include:

  • Liposuction.
  • Liposuction with the removal of excess skin.

Dr. Baumholtz usually performs liposuction and excess skin removal in two stages:

  • The first stage is liposuction, which allows Dr. B to debulk the leg by reducing the weight of the tissues.
  • The second stage involves the patient returning 3 months later to have Dr. Baumholtz remove the excess skin and then tighten the skin that remains.

An Arm Reduction (aka Brachioplasty)

Dr. B uses a brachioplasty to address the sagging skin located between the patient’s armpit and elbow. An arm reduction procedure typically consists of liposuction and excess skin removal.

A brachioplasty usually takes around 2 hours, and patients return home after spending some time in recovery.

Incisions heal 2 to 3 weeks after surgery, with patients returning to full activity once they reach the 6-week post-op mark.

Some patients can return to work a week or two after surgery. How long a patient has to wait to return to work depends on the type of work the patient does and how well she is progressing during recovery.

What Patients Need To Know About Stretched Skin

Skin is very flexible; however, once it reaches its maximum ability to stretch, individuals usually develop stretch marks. These marks occur due to tearing of the skin. Overstretching also causes skin to lose its elasticity, which results in loose, sagging skin. Areas of the body that are frequently affected by overstretched skin include the breasts, abdomen, arms and thighs.

Salves, Oils and Creams Cannot Improve Skin Elasticity

Many individuals spend their hard-earned money trying expensive salves, oils and creams that promise to rejuvenate their skin, and improve its elasticity. Sadly, there is no topical treatment that an individual can rub on his or her skin to restore lost elasticity.

A Consultation Near San Antonio for a Mommy Makeover

Dr. B needs to examine the areas that the patient would like him to address; therefore, on the day of her consultation, she must wear comfortable clothing that is easy for her to remove and then put back on.

Dr. Michael Baumholtz needs detailed information about the patient’s medical history. This information has to include surgical procedures, allergies to medications and latex, as well as her current medication, daily vitamin and herbal supplement use. Dr. B requests that his patients provide him with a list that includes the name, dose and frequency of each medication (prescription and over-the-counter).

If the patient has a chronic condition (e.g., hypertension, diabetes), for safety’s sake, it is vital that Dr. Baumholtz receives specifics related to these kinds of conditions.

To provide the mother with the beautiful results she desires, Dr. B needs to know what the patient would like him to accomplish during her procedures.

A Physical Examination

Once Dr. Baumholtz has a vision of the changes the patient would like him to make, Dr. B examines the areas of the body that he intends to address during her mommy makeover.
During this examination, Dr. Michael Baumholtz determines which procedures can provide the patient with the results she desires.

If the patient is a good candidate for a mommy makeover, and she decides to move forward with her procedures, Dr. Baumholtz takes photos and measurements of the areas he is addressing for the patient.

These photos serve several purposes:

  • Using these photos, Dr. B can show the patient where he intends to create her incisions, as well as which tissues he plans to address.
  • These photos also provide Dr. Baumholtz with the information he needs as he creates the patient’s personalized surgical treatment plan.
  • The patient’s photos are a good comparison tool to use after she recovers from her plastic surgery procedures.

The Risk Factors of a Mommy Makeover Near San Antonio

All surgical procedures and treatments have risk factors and potential complications to consider. When it comes to a mommy makeover, the risks depend on the procedures a patient chooses to have. Nonetheless, there are some general risks that are associated with surgery.

Risks and potential complications associated with any surgical procedure include:

  • A reaction to the anesthesia, latex or other products the surgeon uses during the procedure.
  • Excess bleeding.
  • Scarring.
  • Blood clots are usually a concern when a patient receives general anesthesia.
  • The need for another surgery.
  • Unexpected results.

How Much Does a Mommy Makeover Near San Antonio Cost?

Each patient receives her own surgical treatment plan; therefore, the only way that Dr. B can determine how much a patient’s mommy makeover costs is with an initial consultation. To learn more, contact BPS at (210) 880-3708 to schedule an initial consultation today.

Dr. Michael Baumholtz is a Board Certified Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon, who, due to his experience, skill, artistic vision and expertise, is highly sought after.

At BPS, Dr. B provides his services to men and women residing in and around the San Antonio area, including Shavano Park, Texas. If you reside in one of these areas, and you have been considering a mommy makeover, a single plastic surgery procedure or a facial rejuvenation treatment, contact Baumholtz Plastic Surgery today. To schedule a consultation with Dr. Michael Baumholtz, please call (210) 880-3708. The address is 4083 De Zavala Road in Shavano Park, Texas.





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