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Fillers and toxins are injectable treatments that can be used to treat a variety of cosmetic and functional concerns that our patients have that aren’t just the face. Last year, there were roughly 4 million injectable treatments. Injectable treatments are not without complications but fortunate the common ones are typically minor and the more significant complications are extremely rare. Fillers and toxins are complementary treatments to skin care and can either be a bridge before surgery is considered or even as a way to enhance surgical results. This page is dedicated to the different injectable treatments. We invite you to meet with us and let us develop an injectable treatment plan to meet your needs.

If you’re just starting to consider Botox or you’re a seasoned pro – we know we have the products and expertise to deliver the meaningful, natural results you are looking for!

Neurotoxin – Botox

Lines and wrinkles are frequently caused by repeated creasing of the skin by the muscles working underneath. One way to smooth out these types of wrinkles is to use a neurotoxin such as Botox. Botox works by weakening the muscle thus limiting the amount of creasing it can perform. Treatment with a neurotoxin is not permanent. Typically patients will come every three months for a touch up once they’ve achieved their desired look. The amount of botox needed for one patient may be different for another depending on the strength of the muscle, the severity of the wrinkles, and the desired look the person wants to achieve. We try to give natural, youthful results without making things look artificial or overdone.

What’s fascinating about Botox is that it can be used in other places in the body for other reasons with dramatic improvements. It seems there are constant new uses for this neurotoxin. Here are some examples of commonly requested uses for botox:

Excessive sweating in the armpits or hands (known as hyperhidrosis).

For some patients – anti-perspirants (even prescription strength) are not enough to control their sweating. For them, having to change a shirt or undershirt multiple times a day is the norm. Neurotoxins can dramatically decrease the sweat production for either the armpits or the hands. To learn more about botox for hyperhidrosis – click the link below to schedule a visit or call the office at 210-880-3708.

Facial Contouring and Headaches: These two seemingly unrelated topics share a common item in the form of the masseter muscle. This is one of the main muscles at the mid portion of the jaw line that for some people can give difficulties. In one patient group, the muscle may be too large – giving an overly masculine appearing to a female face. In another patient group, the muscle contributes to painful headaches from teeth grinding (known as bruxism). In both patient groups, a neurotoxin such as botox can be used to weaken the muscle – giving either the improved jaw line the person desires or a decrease in headaches.

Dermal Fillers

As we age, we typically lose volume in addition to the decrease in skin tone which develops over time. One strategy to restore that lost volume is to use injectable fillers. Typically the areas we consider are the temples, the cheeks, and the creases along the junction between the lips and the cheeks. Someone may desire more volume in their lips either to improve what they already have or to restore what time has taken away. Another common place for filler use is the back of the hands. The hands remain one of the last places a person can show (or hide) their age. By restoring volume to the back of the hands with a simple office injection, we can literally turn back the hands of time…..(bad pun but you follow me?). Fillers can literally be used anywhere in the body although there are some places (such as the central face) where the risks might be a little higher than other places. When you come for your consultation – we will discuss the risks and benefits of fillers and the techniques we employ to minimize risk for you!

On a separate note – the majority of the fillers we use at BPS are Hyaluronic Acid fillers. The benefit of this type of filler is the ability to melt the filler away should there be any reason to. These fillers are not permanent and there are a variety of factors that will determine how long a certain filler will last for you. Some of the factors we will discuss at your visit in terms of how long the fillers will last – are how soft the filler is (different fillers are softer than others – softer fillers tend to be metabolized faster than stiffer fillers) and how fast your body metabolizes the product.

Fat Melting – Kybella

Kybella is an injectable product which melts fat. It is particularly suited to smaller areas such as under the chin but we’ve found good success with using it for small fat deposits around the knee and the anterior armpit fat (the fat between your bra / bathing suit strap and the armpit). Kybella is a simple injection which is repeated up to three times or until the desired result is achieved. There is minimal down time and the entire process will take less than 30 minutes allowing our patients to come over a lunch hour or right after work.





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