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Breast Augmentation in San Antonio, TX

Breast implants are one of the most popular cosmetic surgery procedures, with nearly 300,000 procedures performed annually, according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. Several factors have contributed to the success and popularity of the breast implant procedure, including the introduction of several safe, reliable implant choices, improvements in anesthesia and surgical techniques, an increase in access to plastic surgery, and a generally wider acceptance of plastic surgery procedures and body enhancement. Find out more information below about types of boon jobs, what to expect and other important things you should know, then give us a call or book your consultation.

Is breast augmentation right for me?

Breast augmentation can offer amazing results for women who are dissatisfied with the size or shape of their breasts. Specifically, breast augmentations surgery can be a good choice for women who want to:

  • increase the roundness, fullness and volume of small breasts
  • increase the upper volume of breasts that are elongated or “bottom heavy”
  • “even out” breasts of noticeably different sizes
  • improve the overall proportions of the body so the breasts are “properly sized” for the patient’s shape and stature
  • improve the appearance of breasts that have decreased in volume following pregnancy, breastfeeding or weight loss

When thinking about breast augmentation surgery, it’s critically important to focus on your own goals and expectations – not someone else’s – to ensure you achieve the highest levels of satisfaction with your results. In general, to be a good candidate for surgery, you should be in good general health and have realistic expectations about your own goals and what surgery can and cannot do.

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If you’re considering breast augmentation, one of the most important steps you can take to ensure your surgery goes well is to select a surgeon with significant experience in today’s augmentation mammaplasty techniques. As a skilled and experienced board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Michael Baumholtz is committed to providing patients with custom care solutions based on their specific needs, using the most advanced surgical techniques and implant products for optimal outcomes and the highest levels of patient satisfaction. To find out more about breast augmentation surgery and whether it’s a good choice for you schedule a personal consultation today.

Here’s what you should know about Breast Implants:

Breast Implants or Boob Jobs also have changed significantly during the past few years. In addition to being safer and longer-lasting, today’s implants offer a softer “touch” and a more natural appearance, and a wide selection of implant sizes has enabled the operation to be customized to both the patient’s anatomy and her preferences and desires.

In short: Women feel more comfortable with the procedure and happier with the outcome. How much happier? According to a 2013 report published in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, the flagship journal of the ASPS, women who undergo breast augmentation have some of the highest satisfaction rates of all cosmetic surgery procedures, with 98% reporting their results met or exceeded their expectations. That’s an astoundingly high satisfaction rate. But that’s not all: 92% of the women interviewed for the study said their implants boosted their self-esteem, and nearly two-thirds said their implants improved their quality of life. Those are some pretty amazing statistics and that’s a big reason why so many women are opting for breast augmentation today. A board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Michael Baumholtz. M.D., FACS, is a leader in breast augmentation procedures in San Antonio, relying on a patient-centered approach that’s geared toward achieving the highest levels of patient satisfaction.

Pre-Op Evaluation

Prior to your surgery, Dr. Baumholtz will perform an in-depth evaluation and physical examination to assess your anatomy and to understand your specific goals and expectations. You’ll need to provide a complete personal and family medical history before your boob job in San Antonio, TX, and you’ll also need to be prepared to discuss your goals and expectations for the surgery. During your conversation with Dr. Baumholtz, you’ll need to be as specific as possible about your expectations for your surgery and for your new appearance. If you can bring pictures of breasts you like to help define and communicate the results you’re looking for. Dr. Baumholtz will carefully examine your breasts, evaluating the skin quality and texture, the nipple size and location, and other factors that can help guide implant selection and placement. He’ll also take photographs of your breasts to use when planning your surgery and to enable you to see “before and after” comparisons of your breasts. And of course, you’ll have plenty of time to ask questions or discuss any concerns you have about breast augmentation surgery and recovery.

Types of Boob Jobs

Silicone Implants

For silicone implants – trust in the implant is a really important component to a patient’s decision process. We use ALLERGAN implants. Allergan has a long track record of implant safety and commitment to device excellence. We focus on using smooth implants with our patients – especially in light of the concerns about a rare form of cancer associated with textured implants.

Allergan currently offers 3 levels or types of silicone implants – SR (silicone Responsive) SS

(silicone Soft touch) and SC (silicone Cohesive). While the SR implants are good implants, we believe the SS implants offer our patients the best combination of softness and stability. There is a role for SC implants but typically in revision or secondary breast surgery.

Most Natural Boob Job – Saline vs. Silicone

Once these steps are complete, you’ll discuss specific options, like implant type and size and the placement of the surgical incisions. As a top plastic surgeon in the San Antonio area, Dr Baumholtz offers the highest-quality implants available, which offer a more realistic “feel” for optimal results. Both saline and silicone implants are available, and each type offers its own advantages. Women who want only a small enhancement to their breast volume or shape may opt for breast augmentation with fat grafting. In this technique, Dr. Baumholtz removes fat tissue from another area on the patient’s body (typically from the buttocks or thighs) and “transplants” it into the patient’s breast area. Since the surgery uses the patient’s own tissue, there’s no risk of rejection; however, the technique is only suitable for minor enhancements or correction of small asymmetries.

Incision Location

For breast augmentation surgery, incisions typically are placed in one of three locations:

  • in the crease beneath the breast (called the inframammary fold)
  • around the nipple (periareolar incision)
  • in the armpit (transaxillary incision)

The decision of which incision site to use will be based on the type of implant being used, your own anatomy, your treatment goals and other factors. Dr. Baumholtz will explain the “pros and cons” of each approach and which one is best for your specific needs. In some women with significant sagging of the skin and other tissues, a breast lift or mastopexy may need to be performed at the same time as the breast augmentation surgery to enable them to achieve the look they want. Depending on the patient’s preferences and goals, other procedures may also be performed at the same time like a tummy tuck to tone and tighten the belly area or liposuction to remove excess fatty tissue.

The Breast Augmentation Procedure

Once you’ve selected your implants and reviewed your surgical options with Dr Baumholtz, it’s time to schedule surgery. Typically your surgery will be performed at a full-scale hospital or certified surgery center. The night before your surgery, you’ll need to stop eating and drinking at midnight and you should also take a shower and wash your hair before bed. On the day of your surgery, you should shower in the morning before leaving for the hospital or surgery center. Dr. Baumholtz will meet with you before your procedure and complete any necessary paperwork with you. He’ll draw a few lines on your skin to help guide the procedure surgery and then it’s off to the operating room! Once the surgery begins, the incisions will be made in the predetermined locations and a “pocket” will be formed in the breast tissue to help hold the implant in place. Depending on the size and type of implant that’s being used and your own anatomy and goals, the implants will be inserted either underneath the chest muscle or on top of the muscle, just beneath the breast tissue. Then Dr. Baumholtz will close the incisions using sutures in the deeper layers of tissue and either sutures or special surgical tape or adhesives to close the skin layer. For primary (first-time) breast implants, most procedures take about an hour, while secondary or revision implant procedures take from one to two hours.

What is recovery like?

Once the surgery is complete, you’ll be moved to a recovery area where you’ll be monitored for an hour or more before being discharged. Your breasts will be wrapped in surgical gauze and covered in a special compression bandage to help facilitate healing and reduce swelling. The first evening after your surgery, you should walk and move as much as possible to facilitate healing and circulation. Dr. Baumholtz will provide you with a complete set of instructions to follow during your recovery, including how to care for your incisions, when you can shower, how active you can be, and advice on how to minimize swelling and discomfort. In most cases, you’ll also receive a prescription for pain medication and sometimes antibiotics. It’s very important to follow Dr. Baumholtz’s instructions closely, including wearing the supportive garment for as long as directed, and to call the office with any questions.

What should I expect in the weeks and months after surgery?

You’ll need to plan on resting for a few days after surgery, and you’ll need to restrict lifting and other physical activity for a couple weeks. During the first two weeks while the incisions are healing, walking is encouraged but strenuous activity and overhead activity like reaching and lifting is prohibited. Two weeks following your surgery, the sutures will be removed and you’ll be instructed how to massage the area to improve healing and reduce residual swelling. From the second to the sixth week following surgery, you’ll be able to perform light physical activity, but you won’t be allowed to lift anything heavier than 10 to 15 pounds. At the six-week mark, you’ll be ready to shop for new bras and bathing suits to fit your new figure, and you’ll be able to return to full activity. Your implants will continue to adjust and settle for about three months or more after your surgery, and it will take about a year for the scars to settle and soften.




San Antonio Breast Augmentation Surgery by Dr. B

Breast characteristics vary greatly, from small to large, round to narrow and widely spaced or asymmetrical, Dr. Michael Baumholtz (Dr. B) helps women attain the breast features they desire with breast augmentation procedures (aka augmentation mammoplasty, breast implant surgery). This breast enhancement surgery is ideal for women who would like to increase the size and improve the shape of their breasts.

What Are the Benefits of Having a Breast Augmentation With Implants Near San Antonio?

An augmentation mammoplasty is ideal for a woman who desires breasts that are larger, shapelier and symmetrical.

During breast implant surgery near San Antonio, Dr. Baumholtz can:

  • Increase the size of small breasts so that they appear fuller and rounder.
  • Add volume to the upper pole of bottom-heavy, elongated breasts.
  • Address asymmetrical breasts by placing a larger implant in the smaller of the two.
  • Improve the look and feel of breasts that are lacking in volume.
  • Enhance the overall proportions of the patient’s body by creating a natural-looking breast augmentation result that is in-line with her body shape and stature.

Breast Enhancement Surgery Is a Highly Personal Decision

Women who are considering breast enhancement surgery should modify their breasts to make themselves happy, not to please someone else. Following this recommendation increases the likelihood that the patient will be very satisfied with her San Antonio augmentation mammoplasty results.

The Popularity of Breast Augmentation Surgery in the US Remains High

According to the 2020 Plastic Surgery Statistics Report from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, there were nearly 200,000 breast augmentation procedures performed in the U.S. And, once again, breast implant surgery ranks within the top five plastic surgery procedures.

In 2020, Breast Implant Surgery Ranked Number One, Worldwide

State-of-the-art surgical techniques, innovative products and the wide array of implant options that are now available most likely play a significant role in its worldwide ranking of number one.

A Combination Augmentation Mammoplasty With a Lift and Nipple-areolar Complex Reduction

Dr. B’s patients who have pendulous breasts and oversized nipple-areolar complexes frequently choose to have breast implant surgery and a breast lift with nipple-areolar reduction during the same surgical session.

During a combination breast augmentation with a lift and nipple-areolar reduction, Dr. B moves the patient’s breast mounds to a location that is higher on her chest. He then places her breast implants, contouring the natural breast tissue around them. Next, if necessary, Dr. Baumholtz reduces the size of the patient’s nipple-areolar complexes before he reattaches them to the patient’s new breast mounds and removes the excess skin.

Breast Implant Approvals From the Federal Drug Administration (FDA)

The breast implants that Dr. B uses are FDA-approved. However, the FDA has outlined, by age, who is eligible to receive saline and who is eligible to receive silicone breast implants.

Implant approvals from the FDA

Implant approvals from the FDA

People who are at least 22 years of age are eligible to receive silicone gel breast implants, as well as the highly cohesive silicone gel implants (aka gummy bear implants, form-stable implants).

People who are at least 18 years of age are eligible to receive saline (i.e., salt water) breast implants.

Personalized San Antonio Breast Augmentation Treatment Plans

The breast implants that Dr. B offers provide his patients with a softer breast and natural-looking results. In addition, there is an array of implant sizes available, which means Dr. Baumholtz can create each patient a custom-designed surgical plan. While creating a patient’s plan, Dr. B considers her unique physical anatomy, as well as her specific needs and desires.

Breast Implant Surgery Satisfaction Rates for 2020 Are Impressive

According to patient reviews on RealSelf, which is an online cosmetic and plastic surgery platform, 97% of the women who had a breast augmentation and wrote a review stated that breast implant surgery was worth it.

Which Type of Breast Implant Offers the Most Natural Result?

Dr. B knows the importance of creating a natural-looking breast enhancement result that also feels realistic. To ensure his patients receive optimal results, Dr. Baumholtz will only use silicone and saline breast implants that are of the highest quality. Whether Dr. B recommends a silicone or saline implant depends on the patient’s age and goals.

While Performing Breast Implant Surgery, Where Does Dr. B Place the Incisions?

Dr. Baumholtz has three types of incisions that he can use when placing a patient’s breast implants. Dr. B discusses incision placement with the patient before her breast augmentation procedure near San Antonio.

Incision options for implant placement include the:

  1. Periareolar incision – Dr. B creates this incision along the lower border of the nipple-areolar complex.
  2. Inframammary fold (aka inframammary crease) incision – Dr. Baumholtz creates this incision within the crease beneath the breast.
  3. Transaxillary incision – Dr. B creates this incision within the armpit.

The two incisions that Dr. Baumholtz uses most frequently are the periareolar incision and the inframammary crease incision.

How Does Dr. Baumholtz Determine Which Incision Will Serve a Patient Best?

Dr. B considers several factors as he decides which of the three incision locations will provide the patient with optimal results.

These factors include:

  • The type of breast implant she is receiving (saline or silicone).
  • Her desired result.
  • The patient’s anatomy.

Dr. B takes the time to discuss the pros and cons of each type of incision with the patient. He also discusses why he believes a particular incision location will serve the patient best.

Some Patients Have Several Procedures During the Same Surgical Session

If a patient has pendulous breasts, to achieve the look she desires, Dr. B may recommend that the patient consider having a breast lift during the same surgical session. Besides the breast lift add-on, Dr. Baumholtz can tone and tighten the patient’s abdominal area with an abdominoplasty (aka a tummy tuck). He can also use liposuction to remove excess fat deposits.

Please keep in mind that patients who choose to have multiple procedures will most likely require additional incisions. However, since Dr. Baumholtz wants his patients to feel comfortable and excited about their upcoming procedures, he provides each patient with a detailed account of her surgery.

During a Breast Augmentation, the Implant Can Be Placed Submuscularly or Subglandularly

Implant placement can play a role in how long a patient needs for recovery. Subglandular placement offers the shorter recovery of about 3 weeks. However, following submuscular placement, the patient typically needs about 3 months.

When Dr. B places a patient’s implant subglandularly, he places it beneath her breast tissue, but above her pectoral muscle.

Submuscular placement refers to placing an implant beneath the patient’s breast tissue and her pectoral muscle.

Dr. Baumholtz frequently determines whether to place a patient’s breast implant submuscularly or subglandularly by the amount of breast tissue she has. For example, if a patient does not have an adequate amount of breast tissue to cover her implants, Dr. B places them submuscularly.

Choosing the Best Implant

When determining implant size, patients need to consider their lifestyle. A patient who plays sports, jogs or hikes may want to keep her implant size on the smaller side. However, women who do not participate in these kinds of activities may want to consider relatively large implants. Sometimes, Dr. B’s patients ask him to place larger breast implants to improve their body proportions. As a highly experienced, board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Michael Baumholtz has the skill and artistic vision necessary to accomplish this task.

Silicone or Saline?

Dr. B recommends that his patients concentrate on the look and feel they want to achieve, instead of the type of implant they desire. Once Dr. Baumholtz understands what his patient wants, he can determine which breast implant will provide her with optimal results.

A Breast Augmentation Near San Antonio: The Initial Consultation

Patients should arrive about 10-15 minutes early so that they can fill out their registration paperwork without feeling rushed. Many of Dr. B’s patients find that creating themselves a list of their medications, herbal supplements, vitamins, chronic conditions (e.g., diabetes), treatments and surgical procedures ahead of time is a helpful resource as they complete this paperwork. In addition, Dr. Baumholtz needs to know about her family’s medical history, especially as it relates to the breasts (e.g., fibroids, cancer). If the patient recently had a mammogram, ultrasound, biopsy or MRI of her breasts, please bring a copy of the report for Dr. B to review.

Dr. Michael Baumholtz reviews the patient’s medical history, evaluates her overall health and performs a physical examination to assess the patient’s anatomy. This assessment helps Dr. B determine which incision, implant and additional breast procedures the patient may benefit from (if any).

If a patient is considering an add-on procedure (e.g., an abdominoplasty), she should mention this possibility to Dr. Baumholtz at this time, so he can also evaluate any other area the patient may want him to address.

Clarity Is Vital

Patients must be candid with Dr. B about what they would like to accomplish with a breast augmentation. Besides verbally explaining her desires, the patient should consider bringing in a photo that displays what she wants her breasts to look like after surgery. This photo is a great way for her to provide Dr. B with a visible representation of the results she desires.

A Breast Examination

While he performs the patient’s breast examination, Dr. B needs to determine if she has enough tissue to cover her implants. Dr. Baumholtz also evaluates the patient’s skin elasticity, as well as its quality and texture.

If the patient’s breasts are pendulous, and she has large nipple-areolar complexes, Dr. B may recommend that she consider having a breast lift with nipple-areolar complex reduction as well.

Breast Measurements and Photos

Dr. Baumholtz might take a variety of breast measurements. In addition, he, or one of his team members, may take several photos of the patient’s breasts. These photos remain in the patient’s file, so they are confidential.

Dr. B uses these pictures as he creates the patient’s personalized breast augmentation treatment plan. These photos are also great to use for comparison purposes following breast implant surgery and recovery.

Please Feel Free To Ask Questions

Dr. B has set aside enough time to answer any questions the patient has. Therefore, patients should feel free to ask questions. In addition, if the patient has a concern about the breast enhancement procedure itself, or what to expect during recovery, Dr. Baumholtz has the answers that she needs.

Preparing for a Breast Augmentation Near San Antonio

Discontinue Using these Supplements, Vitamins and Medications: Some medications and supplements can increase bleeding and bruising. Therefore, patients need to stop taking certain vitamins, supplements and medications for 7 to 14 days before their augmentation mammoplasty and 7 to 14 days after.

Supplements to discontinue taking include:

  • Ginkgo Biloba.
  • Fish oil.
  • Garlic.
  • Feverfew.

Vitamins to stop taking include:

  • Vitamin B5.
  • Vitamin E.

Medications that patients need to avoid include:

  • Ibuprofen.
  • Aspirin.
  • Blood thinners.

If a patient has to take medication during this 7 to 14-day timeframe, acetaminophen is an acceptable option.

Prescription Medication

For safety’s sake, patients must continue taking their prescription medication until they speak with the prescribing physician or Dr. B.

Stop Using Products That Contain Nicotine

To keep from disrupting the body’s natural healing process, patients who use products that contain nicotine must stop using them for at least 6 weeks before and 6 weeks after their breast augmentation near San Antonio.

Pre-surgical Testing

Dr. B may ask the patient to have some lab tests before she has her breast implant surgery. These tests can include blood work (e.g., a CBC), a urinalysis, a chest X-ray or a mammogram.

All tests must be completed no later than a week before the patient’s breast implant surgery. If the results of a patient’s tests do not arrive in time, Dr. B may have to reschedule her augmentation mammoplasty until he has the opportunity to review her test results.


At midnight, on the night before her breast augmentation near San Antonio, the patient needs to begin fasting. During this timeframe, she must not take anything by mouth until after her augmentation mammoplasty. However, there may be one exception to this rule: If the patient must take medication during the time that she should be fasting, Dr. Baumholtz may recommend that she goes ahead and takes her prescription medication with just a few sips of water.


Before heading to bed, the patient needs to take a shower, she needs to be sure to wash her hair. The following morning, she needs to take another shower.

Take Some Time Off Work or School

Patients need to rest for several days following their breast augmentation near San Antonio. Therefore, Dr. B recommends that his patients take at least 7 days off work or school.

Invest in Some Button-up Tops

For the initial two weeks of recovery, the patient must avoid lifting her arms above her head. Therefore, t-shirts are not a feasible clothing option during this time. Dr. B recommends that his patients purchase several oversized button-up tops.

What Patients Can Expect on the Day of Their Breast Augmentation Near San Antonio

Dr. Baumholtz usually performs breast enhancement surgeries at a certified surgery center or a full-scale hospital.

A woman who is receiving breast implants for the first time can expect her procedure to last about 60 minutes. Women who are having a second procedure to exchange their breast implants or remove their implants altogether can expect their procedure to last up to 2 hours.

Since the patient receives anesthesia during her breast augmentation, it is unlawful for her to drive for at least 24 hours after surgery. Therefore, on the morning of her surgery, the patient needs to arrive at the hospital or surgery center with her driver. Patients arriving without their driver will need to reschedule.

For-hire Transportation

Following a procedure that requires any type of sedation, for the safety of the patient, for-hire transportation is not an acceptable form of travel.

Breast Implant Surgery With Dr. Michael Baumholtz, Near San Antonio

Patients must arrive at the surgery center or hospital a few minutes early, so they can complete their pre-surgical paperwork and ask Dr. B any last-minute questions. After completing the paperwork, Dr. Baumholtz uses a surgical marker to create several lines on the patient’s skin. These markings serve as a guide during the breast augmentation.

Upon arriving in the operating room, the patient receives general anesthesia, which causes her to fall asleep. Once the patient is asleep, she does not feel any pain during surgery.

Incision Creation

To ensure there are no surprises for the patient when she awakens in recovery, Dr. Baumholtz and the patient thoroughly discuss her surgery. Therefore, she knows which type of incision Dr. B is creating (the periareolar, inframammary or transaxillary) and what to expect after her breast augmentation near San Antonio.

After creating the incisions, Dr. Baumholtz modifies the patient’s breast tissue to make a pocket for her implant.

Whether Dr. B places the implant above or below the chest muscle depends on the type of implants the patient is receiving, the size of her implants and the patient’s goals, as well as her anatomy.

Once he places the implants, ensures that the breasts are symmetrical and beautifully shaped, Dr. Baumholtz uses permanent sutures to bring the deeper layers of breast tissue together. He closes the skin layer using surgical tape, sutures or adhesives. In addition, the surgical team wraps gauze around the patient’s chest and then places a support garment over the gauze-wrapped breasts.

What Happens After Breast Implant Surgery?

Directly following an augmentation mammoplasty, a surgical team member transports the patient to the recovery area. She remains here for about an hour. Once the patient awakens, Dr. B gives her an overview of what to expect as she recovers, he also answers her questions and gives her a printout addressing post-surgical topics (e.g., restrictions, incision care). Outpatient breast implant surgery patients are released to their driver. If a patient is staying overnight, she still needs a driver to take her home when she leaves the hospital the following day.

Pain Medication and Driving

Patients who receive pain medication must refrain from driving until they no longer take the medication.

Activity Following a Breast Augmentation Near San Antonio

The evening after her surgery, the patient should begin moving and walking around (with assistance). Remaining active increases blood flow, which facilitates the healing process and reduces her likelihood of developing a blood clot. Although movement is beneficial, the patient must remember to follow the physical restrictions (e.g., avoid raising her arms, do not lift anything) she receives from Dr. B.

At-home Care Following Breast Implant Surgery Near San Antonio

Before Dr. Baumholtz releases the patient to her driver, she receives a list of detailed instructions to follow throughout her recovery.

This information may include:

  • How she should care for her incisions.
  • The activity level that is safe for her.
  • Which activities the patient should refrain from doing.
  • When she will be able to take a shower.
  • Advice on ways to decrease inflammation.

Pain Medication

Dr. B gives the majority of his patients a prescription pain reliever. Some patients also receive an antibiotic.

The Support Garment

It is crucial that patients follow the instructions they receive regarding how long they should wear their support garment. Patients who do not follow these instructions are negatively affecting their overall breast augmentation result. Furthermore, upon removing their support garment, patients are likely to experience more discomfort.

Patients who have questions or concerns should call Baumholtz Plastic Surgery at (210) 880-3708.

What Breast Augmentation Patients Can Expect as They Recover

Patients need to rest for several days. Itching around the stitches is common and lasts from 24 to 48 hours. Patients must not scratch the incision or the areas surrounding the incisions. Doing so could cause the incision to open.

Patients should expect to experience inflammation, bruising and breast tenderness for about a month.


During the first few days of recovery, cryotherapy is extremely beneficial. Ice therapy reduces inflammation, which, in turn, relieves pain. Gel packs work well for cryotherapy because they are relatively soft and not very heavy. Today, gel packs are inexpensive and readily available at pharmacies, as well as department stores.

Patients can gently place an ice pack on their breasts for 10 to 15 minutes every couple of hours. It is vital that patients never put the ice or gel packs directly on their skin. Doing so could cause permanent damage.

Suture Removal

Two weeks after their breast enhancement procedure, patients return to Baumholtz Plastic Surgery and Dr. B removes their external sutures.

The Breast Massage

After removing the sutures, the patient learns how to massage her breasts to increase blood flow, which improves the healing process. In addition, this post-surgical breast massage helps decrease any remaining inflammation.

Light Physical Activity Begins at the Two-week Mark

After Dr. Baumholtz removes the sutures, the patient can begin performing light activities. However, she must not lift anything heavier than 15 pounds.

Shopping for New Underclothes and Swimwear

Once the patient reaches the six-week mark, she is ready to begin shopping for her new braziers and swimwear. In addition, the patient can resume full activity.

Implant Settling and Scars

For approximately 3 months, the implants continue adjusting and settling. Although the incision scars may be quite visible directly after surgery, as long as the patient follows Dr. B’s recommendations, her scars settle, soften and fade substantially within the 12 months following her breast augmentation near San Antonio.

Returning To Normal Activities

Although she must still refrain from certain activities, a patient who works in an office typically returns to work about 7 days after her augmentation mammoplasty.

How Long Do the Results of Breast Implant Surgery Near San Antonio Last?

Breast implants offer patients longevity, but they may not last indefinitely. Typically, a breast implant lasts from 10 to 20 years, sometimes longer.

Why Would Someone Need To Have a Revision?

As new models become available, some women choose to upgrade their breast implants. A woman may need to have a revision due to a complication (e.g., a rupture or capsular contracture).

A Breast Augmentation Using Autologous Fat

The number of women who qualify to have a breast enhancement procedure using their own fat is limited. However, if a woman would like Dr. Baumholtz to improve her breast shape by addressing small asymmetries, or would like a slight breast size increase, she may be a good candidate for a breast augmentation via fat transfer.

During a fat transfer breast enhancement procedure, Dr. B uses liposuction to remove excess fat from troublesome areas of the body. Common harvesting sites include the thighs, abdomen and buttocks.

After he collects and purifies the fat, Dr. Baumholtz strategically injects the fat into the patient’s breasts. Since the fat he is injecting belongs to the patient, the body readily accepts it.

As Dr. B harvests the patient’s fat, he also contours the site, which enhances the patient’s overall physique.

Are There Any Risks Associated With the Breast Augmentation Procedure?

Every surgical procedure has risks and potential complications.

The risks and potential complications of breast implant surgery include:

  • An allergic reaction to a product the surgeon uses during surgery.
  • A negative reaction to the medications in the anesthesia.
  • Excessive bleeding, which is possible during any surgical procedure.
  • Following the use of general anesthesia, a patient is at an increased risk of developing a blood clot. These clots can be fatal, which is why patients need to improve their circulation after surgery by walking around.
  • Due to nicotine’s negative effect on circulation, the wounds of patients who use products that contain nicotine, heal slower. This places the individual at an increased risk for the development of an infection, which could lead to necrosis (i.e., skin death).
  • Visible scarring.

Although rare, there are risks and complications directly related to breast implant surgery.

These include:

  • Implant rippling.
  • Difficulty breastfeeding or the inability to breastfeed.
  • A numb sensation in areas on the breast or within the nipple-areolar complex.
  • Breasts that appear uneven (asymmetrical).
  • The implant may eventually rupture, leak or, as time passes, become defective (due to its age).
  • The need for revision surgery.
  • Capsular contracture.
  • Uniboob.
  • Double bubble.

The best way to avoid a complication is to choose a highly experienced, board-certified plastic surgeon like Dr. Michael Baumholtz to perform your augmentation mammoplasty.

How Much Should Someone Expect To Pay for a Breast Augmentation?

Every patient is unique. The only way Dr. Baumholtz can determine the cost of an individual’s breast implant surgery is with an initial consultation.

If you want to learn more about breast enhancement procedures, including a breast augmentation with or without implants, available at Baumholtz Plastic Surgery near San Antonio, please call (210) 880-3708 to schedule an initial consultation with Dr. Michael Baumholtz.

Baumholtz Plastic Surgery is located at 4083 De Zavala Road in Shavano Park, Texas, near San Antonio.




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