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Body Contouring After Weight Loss in San Antonio, TX

Weight loss can have a positive impact on both physical and emotional health. Losing a dramatic amount of weight has been shown to reduce your risk for diabetes, heart disease, stroke and other diseases related to obesity. In addition, weight loss also can boost self-confidence and improve your emotional health as well, decreasing your risks for depression and social anxiety. However, one of the side effects of signification weight loss is often the persistence of loose, flabby skin. These folds of skins can cause rash and irritation, as well as emotional strain and lack of self-confidence despite the weight loss.

What You Need to Know

Often, patients who’ve lost massive amounts of weight tell us they refrain from wearing form-fitting clothing or taking part in social activities where one typically wears less clothing (swimming, beach, tubing, etc). Fortunately, body contouring can help. Body contouring after weight loss is focused on helping you address some of the “after effects” of dramatic weight loss, including loose, flabby skin and extensive, visible stretch marks. Body contouring is not weight loss surgery; rather, it includes a collection of surgical procedures designed to reshape and removal excess skin and tissue. Patients who undergo body contouring after weight loss find they feel more attractive and more self-confident, and they also find it’s much easier to find clothing that fits and flatters their new shape. Body contouring is highly customizable and includes a variety of different approaches to help you get the look you want.

How can body contouring improve my results after dramatic weight loss?

Carrying around a lot of extra weight is hard on the body, and there’s no doubt all that extra weight takes a major toll on your heart health, your metabolism, and other health-related systems and functions. And it also takes a toll on the largest organ of your body – your skin. That’s because as you gain weight, your skin needs to stretch to accommodate the buildup of fat cells and fluids. The more weight you gain, the more your skin needs to stretch. Skin is very elastic up to a point. When we’re young, our skin is more able to “bounce back” after some amount of weight loss, but as we get older, skin loses a lot of its elastic qualities, making it much harder to bounce back after being stretched. Even pregnancy’s can cause some skin laxity as well as stretch marks. We often tell patients that loose skin is their badge of success – their marker for losing all the excess weight. Once the weight is lost and the skin hangs in loose folds, no additional time in the gym will restore the tone of the skin. At this point, a surgical solution is needed to remove the excess skin and reshape the area to a more desirable form. Body contouring often involves a combination liposuction and skin excision and can be applied virtually anywhere in the body. Most commonly, body contouring addresses breasts, belly, buttocks, legs, and arms.

What is recovery like?

Recovery after body contouring for weight loss can vary considerably depending on the procedures you have done, the extent or complexity of the procedure, and other factors. Dr. Baumholtz will review what you should expect following treatment so you can plan ahead of time. Most procedures will require some time off from work to allow your body to heal, and you’ll probably need to make modifications in other activities as well. You can learn more about the recovery times associated with each procedure by visiting their specific pages on our site.

Body contouring after weight loss in San Antonio: Find out more.

Losing a significant amount of weight is a big accomplishment, and one you should be proud of. Body contouring can help you refine your results so you can realize the full significance of your success and feel more confident about the way you look. As a board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Michael Baumholtz is a trusted provider of body contouring after weight loss in San Antonio patients, offering truly customized solutions and state-of-the-art techniques for optimal results in every patient. To find out more about body contouring after weight loss, call Baumholtz Plastic Surgery at 210-880-3708 and schedule a consultation with Dr. Baumholtz today.

What procedures are included in body contouring?

Following a review of your medical history and a physical exam, Dr. Baumholtz will work with you to create a treatment plan to address your areas of concern. When multiple areas need attention, staging may be suggested. Staging involves breaking a large surgical plan into smaller, more manageable surgeries across weeks or months, depending on the patient. Dr. Baumholtz has years of experience with body contouring. He believes in safety first and will plan your surgery to maximize your safety while addressing your cosmetic concerns. Some of the most popular procedures included in body contouring after weight loss include:


One of the most popular of all body contouring procedures, liposuction uses small incisions and a special suctioning instrument to remove fat deposits in the belly, thighs, “love handles,” flanks, back, knees, arms, breasts, and even under your chin.

Tummy tuck:

Also called abdominoplasty, a tummy tuck trims away loose skin and tightens up underlying muscles so your belly is flatter and trimmer. Plus, by removing excess skin, it can get rid of stretch marks in the lower belly. Following massive weight loss, it’s common to have a hernia which can be addressed at the same time as your tummy tuck surgery. Dr. Baumholtz has extensive experience in abdominal wall reconstruction and hernia surgery.

Breast lift:

Breast lift surgery elevates sagging breasts and uplifts your profile so you look slimmer and more youthful.

Breast augmentation:

Many women find their breast size decreases dramatically after weight loss. Breast augmentation can help restore breast size and firmness, and it can be combined with a breast lift for additional enhancement.

Breast reduction:

While many women find dramatic weight loss results in breasts that appear smaller than they’d like, for some women, overly large breasts can persist, detracting from their weight-loss results and making them feel less attractive. Breast reduction surgery uses techniques to help the breasts look more in proportion with the rest of the body, enhancing the overall profile and helping you feel more confident in (or out) of clothes.

Gynecomastia surgery (male breast reduction):

Hormone imbalances associated with obesity can result in male breast enlargement. In those cases, liposuction or surgical breast reduction can help restore a more masculine chest profile.

Thigh lift:

Thigh lift surgery tightens and tones flabby, “jiggly” thighs so your legs look slimmer and firmer. Many people combine a thigh lift with a butt lift to restore the entire lower body area.

Arm lift:

Arm lift surgery (or brachioplasty) removes excess, flabby skin and stubborn fat in the upper arms. It’s a popular procedure for men and women who’ve lost a lot of weight as well as those whose arms are saggy as a result of age-related changes.

Brazilian butt lift:

The Brazilian butt lift uses fat taken from other areas of your body to enhance and sculpt a sagging, flat butt. If you’re already having liposuction in your belly, flanks, thighs or other areas, you might want to consider combining that procedure with a butt lift.


Your torso, arms and legs aren’t the only areas of your body that change as a result of dramatic weight loss. Your face can also change shape, and many people find they need a little tightening and toning in the chin, jowls, lower face or neck. Combining a facelift with body contouring procedures addresses all these issues by removing fatty deposits, trimming away excess skin and tightening up underlying muscles and tissues so your face and neck reflect the slimmer, trimmer you.

How can I tell which procedures are right for me?

Prior to body contouring, you’ll meet with Dr. Baumholtz to carefully review your concerns and your goals and to learn about the treatment options that can help you achieve the results you’re looking for. Dr. Baumholtz will then perform an in-depth assessments to evaluate your health, your body shape, your fat deposits and even your skin to ensure the treatments he recommends are optimized for you. Before your consultation appointment, look closely at yourself in the mirror and make notes of areas of concern that you’d like to have corrected during treatment. If you like, you can even bring in photos from magazines or other sources to show the type of results you’re interested in. The more information you can provide regarding your concerns and your goals, the more targeted your treatment plan will be.

How much does body contouring cost?

That depends on the procedures you’re having done. You can learn more about the costs of the individual procedures by contacting our office. We’ll also discuss costs for your treatment during your consultation visit.

Can I have body contouring after bariatric surgery?

Absolutely. Body contouring can be a great option whether you lose weight through diet and exercise or following bariatric surgery. For men and women who have weight-loss surgery, it’s usually recommended to wait until about 18 months or so after your procedure to ensure your weight has stabilized before having body contouring procedures. If you’re interested in having body contouring after bariatric surgery, Dr. Baumholtz or your bariatric surgeon can help determine the best timing.




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